Miracon Development Inc

Miracon can hang their hat on building award winning communities – it’s their heart that will always win over the customer experience.

The Coles Notes

Project services included: Liberty Workshop for team of 8, brand narrative including corporate values, brand culture and website design.

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Pertinent Details

Miracon reached out looking for support in identifying and articulating their corporate values, brand culture and overall narrative. Excelling at the design, build and delivery of award-winning communities, they wanted to feel the same synergy behind the scenes within the organization. The Miracon team members are all oozing with heart and passion behind everything they do. Listen to their why, what drives them as individuals

The Solution

We hosted the Miracon team for a fun afternoon of Liberty Workshop explorations into their organization and the people behind the scenes. Conversations revolving around what drives the team to feel so committed to their roles and the overall success of the business. While each team member had their own reason, the alignment within the group with respect to their core values and the brand culture was heart-warming. The take away was a new narrative for the business that included mission statement, core values, brand culture and personality that further inspired the future website and digital marketing messaging. The team proudly presents their core values on lovely posters in each of the offices and infuses those values into their everyday performance. The communities they deliver sure are beautiful, but the heart, teamwork and customer experience is the real winner!

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