Creststone Wealth | Plan. Invest. Protect.

Creststone’s primary focus is to hear your story and discover the best opportunities for financial success that is sustainable for the long-term.

The Coles Notes

Project services included: Liberty Workshop, brand narrative, logo design & identity package, website design and corporate stationary.

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Pertinent Details

Creststone is an ambitious financial planning + investment firm located in British Columbia, Canada. Solely focused on creating opportunities for long-term success for all of their clients. They believe that traditional values of loyalty, trust and respect are at the core of every relationship and can take time to cultivate. They sincerely love to getting to know their clients, where they want to be and will work relentlessly to get them there.

The Solution

Info harvested from the Liberty Workshop spear-headed the naming process. It was important to land on something that (was available!) strong and confident yet not aggressive, evoked the feeling of ‘long-term’ with a nod to traditional values. ‘Creststone Wealth’ was a successful solution, then inspiring the look, feel and personality of the visual brand package. Logo, supporting graphics patterns and imagery was strategically curated to not alienate their current clients and demographic while simultaneously positioning them for future growth in young business owners and mission-focused creatives.

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