The primary objective is to leave clients saying:
Whoa, this is us.
This is $@#-ing outstanding.


Being artists & caring humans, we have a unique opportunity to create positive and profound moments for business owners.

We leave egos at the door and create a welcoming environment that inspires collaboration, clarity and creativity.

We are driven by stories and listen deeply. We create brands that service the needs of our clients while confidently defying conformity.



Creating effective engagement with a target audience begins with all stakeholders being clear and confident in the business’s brand story.

Our Trifecta Method leads with a Liberty Workshop: half-day to multi-day immersive retreats of intentional explorations designed to stimulate connection with self and the business components in their enitrety. Everything is on the table. Then the magic happens.

Stories extracted and gathered from the Liberty Workshop inform the succinct articulation of the Brand Narrative – further inspiring the artistic process behind the Brand Artwork Package and Customer Journey Strategy.

The Trifecta Method ensures all aspects of the business are awarded time for discovery and development before deploying resources to marketing tactics.

“Leisa embodies the perfect fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and empathy, propelling businesses toward remarkable achievements.”



2024 marks my 30th year in the profession of art and design, so it’s safe to say I have chosen this profession because I truly love what I do – Lovely Studio fuels my soul and is the path towards my life’s work.

I’ve been gifted with artistry in my veins, from a talented lineage that I continually attempt to honour when I paint at the easel or offer unquestioned kindness to someone in need.

2005 I was granted my Masters Degree in Graphic Communication during my studies in England – the focus of my then thesis and still to this day: truly authentic, successful design results are achieved when immersive human connection is performed at the onset of a project. Taking time to listen to someone’s story, have a dialogue and connect, inspires their openness and confidence to boldly defy conformity.

Those connections inform my artistic process when writing a narrative and creating brand artwork – resulting in clients who feel heard, confident and proud of what they’ve created.