Unlocking Brand Potential Through the Art of Human Connection.

Unlocking Brand Potential Through the Art of Human Connection.


The humans & stories behind a brand — that’s our jam.

We believe that a brand is way more than just a ‘thing’ that has a website or a logo and all the social stuff — we treat brands like they are living things because their success is dependent upon the breath, heart & soul of the people behind them. When you get to know the humans behind the brand, that’s when the magic happens.

If you are tired of feeling like your business is running you and crave a deeper sense of clarity, purpose and impact, then this is the place for you.

Connection is our super-power. Creativity and big-picture-thinking flows intuitively from there – igniting a fire in the bellies of our clients, inspiring them to commit to their goal with bold conviction. We want you to go be you…and go be big.

Presenting: The Liberty Workshop™

Connection, Strategy & Confidence

The Liberty Workshops is a signature process that kicks-off all brand development projects at Lovely Studio. Our clients agree this foundational process is mission-critical to help connect Leisa with you and your team, but most importantly it connects you with yourself, your WHY, your vision and ultimately will connect the right people to you.

This process instills clarity and confidence to forge forward and defy conformity. THEN we embark on creating your fabulous visuals with strategy, purpose and power. Boom.

The Brand Biography™

“Wow. This is us. This is outstanding.”

We’re proud of our clients — a brand development process, regardless of the complexity or stage of your business, requires deep commitment and we value that immensely. Completing the brand narrative and visual components is a huge accomplishment for the team and one that we like to celebrate with our signature Brand Biography books, custom stamp and some celebratory bubbly of course.

We have the best clients. True story.

Our clients are awesome already — they’re kind, driven, selfless and talented.

Our signature services and branding wisdom help them realize their awesomeness by giving them the confidence and tools to go after the brand recognition they deserve. Seeing them become grounded in their superpower, find clarity in their vision and confidently defy conformity with their new design package is why we love what we do.

The Artists

Have you ever witnessed a creative-collab session with a bunch of artists? The energy is electric!

Lovely Studio is a collection of multi-disciplinary Artists who work collaboratively together to breathe life into every intricate component of the brand narratives and visual packages we create.

Each Artist on the team retains their own successful Art & Design-related business, thereby ensuring they continue to evolve their own unique talent and creative diversity.

We collaborate, create and belly-laugh together with a shared mindset that our best designs are free of fear, defy conformity and are always created in the best interest of the client.

Leisa Johnson

owner + brand visionary
lovely studio

Alexandra Radomski

owner + artist
fiddle + wild design

Ariane Jaschke

owner + photographer
capture photography studio

Kate Elliot

owner + communications
up public relations