All About the Love.

From a job to life’s work.

The journey to arrive here has not been straightforward and I anticipate more twists and turns – full of beautiful failures and triumphs, all experiences have led me to where Lovely Studio is now. There is flow between work life and home life – where personal experiences inform the creative work with clients, and the time spent with clients inspires growth at home.

For me, it’s all about the love – myself and the Artists are loving and creative people who thrive in helping others connect with themselves, unlock their brand potential, articulate their vision and discover new opportunities for success.

The Liberty Workshop™

All brand projects at Lovely Studio kick off with a Liberty Workshop. This process is mission-critical to establish alignment about who you are, why you’re different, who your audience truly is, the business vision and the best vehicles to market your biz. You will experience further clarity in the project vision to make more informed decisions about where your resources are best invested. Workshops are commonly two to three hours and take place at a custom location.

Brand Biography™

In many cases, the outcome of the Liberty Workshop (and the subsequent creative process) is a Brand Biography™ book. Clients receive both a hard cover book, pdf flip book, and QR Code to share with their team, clients, prospects and investors, or to enjoy on their own and reflect on their huge accomplishment The first segment communicates your organization’s brand narrative, what you do, why you do it, core values, brand culture, team bios if applicable audience profile(s), tone/personality of the brand. The second segment shows off the final brand artwork package and guidelines for use.

Brand Alchemy Retreats

Ignite Your Brand From the Inside Out

For those who acknowledge the success of their brand relies on having an honest and quality of connection within themselves. Creating a healthy mindset and sustainable strategy that addresses all arms of the business.

Wonder Workbooks

Experience Grounding & Clarity

For those who feel a bit depleted and prefer to do some quiet reflection on their own before leaping into the full process. We fully respect that! We provide robust workbooks to peruse through at their own pace. Two-hours consult time included if needed to talk-it-out along the way.