RED Cover | Wearable Blankets

Nothing stands in the way of Founder Rick Ropchan’s vision of improving the health and well-being of others. ‘Relax Exhale Dream’ is the mantra behind the acronym RED Cover and these wearable blankets are warming the souls of the Vancouver community.

The Coles Notes

Project services included: Liberty Workshop, marketing strategy, logo design & brand identity package, website design, packaging concepts.

Pertinent Details

Who wouldn’t want to brand a blanket?! We took this project on not just because of the comfort factor, but Rick’s vision and passion was so intense how could we not be thrilled to be on the design team. Rick’s previous profession was a brick-layer. Years of manual labour left Rick with shoulder pain that slowly wore him down, exhausted from lack of sleep, he had to find a solution. Warmth always brought relief – through testing and trial and error, his wearable blanket vision became a reality. The patented two-part blanket allows your shoulders to remain covered and your arms to be functional. A variety of styles, colours and purposes, the RED Cover Wearable Blanket line is finally starting to get the attention it deserves!

The Solution

Rick wanted a brand image that evoked simplicity, comfort and spoke to the three pillars of his brand name ‘Relax Exhale Dream’. A triangle symbol evolved with thin intersecting lines that would still translate well onto fabric labels or stitching. The accompanying wordmark also clean and simplistic for clarity when printed in small format but also conveying a calm, quiet presence. The colour palette was created in warm flannel shades inspired by forests and ocean shorelines.

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