Althyrea | A Natural Connection

Althyrea is Canadian-owned and operated, driven to create clothing that inspires a more authentic connection with ourself and our environment.

The Coles Notes

Project services included: Liberty Workshop, brand narrative, logo design & identity package, packaging recommendations and magical conversations.

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Pertinent Details

Founder, Robin Briggs, a textile designer by trade, a nature lover by heart, created Althyrea — a ground-breaking new brand which honors women’s desire to be more aligned with their values and gives nature a break from ‘fast-fashion’. By ever-so-carefully choosing friendly fabrics and developing a North-American production model, Robin feels peace knowing that her environmentally conscious brand ensures that nature, wildlife and humans are treated ethically in the design and development of her collections.

The Solution

It was so important to create a visual identity that not only aligned with Robin’s values and vision for the brand, but would also resonate with the target audience, an ‘Althyrean Woman’.

The Althyrean woman projects confident peace that comes from a life journey, rich with stories and wisdom that can’t be taught in a class or learned from a book. Her confidence is without arrogance. She has no ego and no agenda other than to do what nurtures her soul — a process that consists of meandering the outdoors and ingesting fresh air in her lungs, soil beneath her feet and salt on her skin.

The symbol is delicate but hold strength in the triangular shape – supported by a minimal typeface, translating easily on packaging and digital applications. Supporting imagery tells the story of this elevated audience and inspires those who are embarking on the journey to find a natural connection within themselves.

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